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The Growing Need for Security Services in Shopping Centers in Tulsa

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In the rapidly evolving world of retail, the importance of security in shopping centers cannot be overstated. This is especially true in cities like Tulsa, where shopping centers serve as community hubs. As they grow busier, ensuring safety and protecting assets becomes a complex, multi-faceted task. Meeting this demand for security services in Tulsa shopping centers is Jarvis International, a company that leverages state-of-the-art equipment, licensed professionals, and cutting-edge techniques to deliver unmatched security solutions.

The Rise of Security Concerns in Shopping Centers

Shopping centers, by their very nature, are bustling, vibrant spaces that attract thousands of visitors each day. With this constant flow of people, they also attract a diverse array of security threats, ranging from theft and vandalism to more serious violent crimes. Moreover, the digital age has introduced new risks such as cyber-attacks on point-of-sale systems and customer data breaches. This confluence of factors necessitates robust security services for shopping centers, encompassing physical, digital, and procedural aspects.

The Jarvis Solution – Customized Security Services

At the heart of Jarvis International’s approach to securing shopping centers in Tulsa is a commitment to customization. Recognizing that each center has unique needs and challenges, Jarvis employs a tailor-made approach to security solutions. This can range from complex video surveillance systems to discreet alarm installations, each designed to provide comprehensive coverage of the shopping center.

State-of-the-art Surveillance and Monitoring

Surveillance plays a pivotal role in securing shopping centers. Jarvis International’s surveillance solutions combine overt and covert video systems, strategically positioned for optimal coverage. These systems not only deter potential threats but also provide invaluable evidence in the event of incidents. Coupled with monitoring services that offer real-time response, Jarvis’s surveillance solutions deliver unparalleled protection.

Investigation Services – An Integral Part of Security

Investigation services are an often-underlooked aspect of security, but they are crucial for preventing and responding to security incidents. Jarvis’s investigation services utilize technical surveillance countermeasures, ensuring an in-depth understanding of any security event. This comprehensive approach allows Jarvis to aid law enforcement agencies and enhance overall security.

Securing with People – Security Guard Services

Beyond technology and techniques, people are a crucial part of Jarvis International’s security solutions. Jarvis’s security guards, both licensed and professionally trained, provide an on-the-ground security presence. Whether patrolling the shopping center during overnight hours or responding to alerts, their role is pivotal in maintaining the peace and safety of the center.

Installation Services – Equipping Shopping Centers

A well-equipped shopping center is a secure shopping center. Jarvis’s installation services ensure that state-of-the-art security systems, including alarms and cameras, are professionally installed, tested, and maintained. These systems provide a strong line of defense against potential security threats.


The demand for top-notch security services in shopping centers is growing at a rapid pace in cities like Tulsa. At the heart of addressing this demand is Jarvis International, a company that is redefining what it means to provide comprehensive, effective security solutions. By seamlessly combining technology, expertise, and innovative security approaches, Jarvis is setting the standard for shopping center security services. In an increasingly complex and risk-filled world, such commitment to safety and peace of mind is more valuable than ever before. Contact us for more information.


  1. Q: What kinds of security services does Jarvis International provide for shopping centers in Tulsa?
    •  A: Jarvis International offers a range of services including video surveillance, alarm systems, security guard services, technical surveillance countermeasures, and PHD security services.
  2. Q: How does Jarvis International customize its security services for each shopping center?
    •  A: Jarvis International tailors its security solutions to the unique needs of each shopping center, considering factors like size, location, and specific security concerns.
  3. Q: What role do security guards play in Jarvis International’s security solutions?
    •  A: Jarvis’s security guards are an integral part of their security solutions, providing an on-the-ground security presence, responding to alerts, and patrolling shopping centers.
  4. Q: What are PHD security services?
    •  A: PHD security services are comprehensive security solutions provided by Jarvis International, including regular safety checks, compliance checks, and emergency response coordination.
  5. Q: How does Jarvis International use technology in its security services?
    •  A: Jarvis uses state-of-the-art security systems, including video surveillance and alarm systems, which are professionally installed, tested, and maintained.

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