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Intellectual Property

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Proving the theft or violation of intellectual property can be extremely difficult. It’s nearly impossible without an expert team of investigators working for you. At Jarvis Incorporated, our licensed and professional investigative staff uses the latest in equipment, techniques, & training to gather the facts and evidence needed to successfully make your case.

Our staff works with a worldwide network of associates in order to protect you in cases of patent infringement, copyright violations, contract violations, fraud, and other violations of intellectual property. For professional, discreet investigations that will help provide evidence for civil and criminal litigation, contact us.

Helping clients prevent and respond to Intellectual Property

In today’s innovation-driven economy, a company’s intellectual property (IP) is more important than ever. Jarvis Incorporated provides a comprehensive approach to mitigating and responding to patent infringement, IP theft, counterfeiting and unauthorized gray market diversion. We help companies identify IP threats internally and throughout their supply chain, develop the appropriate mitigation strategies and investigate suspected infringements. When infringements do occur, we use the most sophisticated techniques to establish the valuation of harm inflicted necessary to recover damages.

Jarvis investigations engagements are customized to meet a variety of needs, including:



    • IP Due Diligence and Risk Assessment
      We provide organizations with an objective assessment of their IP security practices and procedures and those of their suppliers and business partners. These assessments not only identify vulnerabilities but help ensure that you are not inadvertently and indirectly infringing the IP rights of others. Our comprehensive due diligence of prospective suppliers helps ensure that IP security is maintained as the supply chain expands.


    • Infringement Channel Mapping
      Reconstructing the channels through which infringement occurs is essential in crafting an effective and proportionate response. Whether the infringement involves unauthorized factory over-runs and backdoor sales or copycat websites selling counterfeit goods, our investigations team is able to map the flow of goods and funds obscured by falsified documents, fund transfers, online communications and warehouses leased by fictious enterprises.


    • Damage Assessment
      When infringement does occur, our valuation experts can work closely with in-house counsel and outside legal teams to provide a detailed analysis of economic harm that can withstand scrutiny and form the basis for the recovery of damages.


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