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Security Services

Armed and Unarmed On-site Security


Throughout the Tulsa area, you'll find security officers who've been professionally trained and placed by Jarvis. Our officers provide entry gate or front desk security, CCTV monitoring and more. 

All of our officers are licensed by the State of Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement, Education and Training

For more information about our security officers, please contact us.

Security Patrol Services


Our recognizable fleet of Jarvis Security patrol vehicles can be spotted throughout Tulsa. We provide clients with mobile security in order to secure large properties, complexes, shopping centers during the overnight hours. Each vehicle comes equipped with both cameras and a GPS system for safety and compliance.

Our goal is to provide these highly effective mobile patrol units to business and organizations of any size. You won't find a more professional and cost-effective security solution.

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* Employment Opportunities*


We are currently hiring for both Armed and Unarmed Security Officer's.