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Intellectual Property


Proving the theft or violation of intellectual property can be extremely difficult. It's nearly impossible without an expert team of investigators working for you. At Jarvis Incorporated, our licensed and professional investigative staff uses the latest in equipment, techniques, & training to gather the facts and evidence needed to successfully make your case.


Our staff works with a worldwide network of associates in order to protect you in cases of patent infringement, copyright violations, contract violations, fraud, and other violations of intellectual property.


For professional, discreet investigations that will help provide evidence for civil and criminal litigation, contact us.



When an insurance claim is made suspiciously, you need an experienced investigator to uncover the truth. Jarvis Incorporated offers highly trained and licensed individuals to find the truth behind fraudulent insurance claims in cases of workers' compensation, staged accidents and more. The team at Jarvis has provided its clients with numerous reductions in settlements and fraud convictions.


Billions of dollars are paid out each year in insurance settlement cases, many of which are embellished claims. Don't be the latest victim. Contact us to gather the evidence required to deliver the truth.



For surveillance, background checks, infidelity, child custody and more, domestic investigations are required to uncover the necessary information. Contact Jarvis Incorporated to work with a team of professional investigators and ensure evidence is obtained legally and efficiently.


Our team works with state-of-the-art equipment and employs the latest investigative techniques to reveal valuable information. If you suspect someone close to you, don't wait until it's too late.

Due Diligence & Pre-Employment


Before hiring an employee, choosing a business partner or signing important legal documents, a due diligence investigation is a standard procedure performed to reveal the details of an individual or business. Background information including finances, history, past performance and supplier and client contacts are typical.


Our staff of licensed investigators act quickly to generate a report containing the vital information you require. Before signing a contract, investing in a company, or other important business decisions, contact Jarvis Incorporated to help ensure you make a decision you won't regret.


Jarvis Inc is currently licensed in the following states.


Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Arkansas & has reciprocity with many other states.


We also have an international team of investigators that can investigate matters abroad.


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