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Our licensed and experienced personnel provide a broad range of security services designed to protect property, assess threats, provide expert consultations and more.


Proving the theft or violation of intellectual property can be extremely difficult. It's nearly impossible without an expert team of investigators working for you. At Jarvis Incorporated, our licensed and professional investigative staff uses the latest in equipment, techniques, & training to gather the facts and evidence needed to successfully make your case.

Our recognizable fleet of Jarvis Security patrol vehicles can be spotted throughout Tulsa. We provide clients with mobile security in order to secure large properties, complexes, shopping centers during the overnight hours. Each vehicle comes equipped with both cameras and a GPS system for safety and compliance.


With state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, we've successfully completed Technical Surveillance Countermeasure surveys for countless clients. Our services are performed discreetly and professionally in order to supply clients with knowledge of weak points in both technical surveillance and communications. 

Our technicians install overt and covert video systems for security and investigative operations. Jarvis Inc. technicians can customize monitoring and recording systems to include mobile monitoring from Phone/Tablet/Computer.