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Laser Listening System




As our first blog on our new website, the team here at Jarvis wanted to take a minute to discuss some of the features to our laser listening system. We began 2015 with the desire to re-create this great intelligence gathering tool so that it could become more obtainable for law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and the military. We asked around to numerous law enforcement officers what the drawback was for purchasing this type of equipment. The main factor expressed was the price. We found that most companies who were selling a similar system were selling them at nearly $50,000.00 USD each. While putting an expensive price tag is “easy” when the intelligence gathered could potentially save lives, it also hurts the ability of those department’s and agencies who are unable to afford to have it.

For those of you who are not sure what a laser listening system is, it is a system that enables the user (restricted to law enforcement, government or military) to aim a laser at a window and receive audio back from the beam that is occurring on the inside. For example: This system could be used during a hostage situation to gain actual intelligence from inside the house/building to determine things like the hostage takers mindset, total hostages, level of threat, etc. Having this knowledge available can help make crucial decisions much more precise and could eventually save the lives of those affected by the situation at hand.

The team here at Jarvis Incorporated has accomplished  our goals to offer this system with several upgrades as well as push the cost down that nearly any law enforcement department could afford. Some of the key features are:

  • Modern computer integrated features that allows the user to record and directly input the audio obtained into a software that would enable the user to remove background noise, trim, etc.
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Tripods
  • Pelican Case to keep system safe, secure, and compact
  • Standard green visible laser with the option to add an IR laser
  • Less than $10,000.00 USD for system
  • Easy to use with minimal training needed

If you beleive your department, agency, or unit could use one of these systems to help gain valuable intel during hostile situations, please give us a call at 918-437-1100 or shoot us an email at

Note: This device is only for sale to Military, Law Enforcement, & Federal agencies. The use of this device may need to be accompanied by a warrant due to privacy laws.