Welcome to Jarvis Inc, the leading provider of exceptional armed and unarmed security guard services in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With over four decades of experience, we are dedicated to ensuring the safety and protection of businesses and individuals throughout the Tulsa area. Our licensed and highly trained security guards, state-of-the-art patrol units, and comprehensive security solutions make us the go-to security company in Tulsa. In this blog post, we will explore how our private security services can meet your specific needs, enhance security measures, and provide you with peace of mind.


 Unparalleled Security Service in Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • Overview of the importance of professional security services
  • Introducing Jarvis Inc as a reputable and trusted security company
  • Highlighting our extensive experience in serving Tulsa and the surrounding areas
  • Emphasizing our commitment to the highest standards of security

 Trustworthy and Reliable Private Security Guards in Tulsa

  • Detailing the qualifications and licensing of our security guards
  • Highlighting the rigorous training they undergo for continued education and site-specific requirements
  • Discussing the importance of thorough screening and equipping our guards with the necessary skills and knowledge
  • Demonstrating our dedication to professionalism, reliability, and trustworthiness

 Comprehensive Security Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

  • Discussing our ability to provide customized security solutions based on individual client requirements
  • Exploring the range of security services we offer, including armed and unarmed security, patrol services, and private security officers
  • Showcasing our expertise in developing security strategies to address unique challenges and mitigate risks

 Armed and Unarmed Security Patrol Services for Enhanced Safety

  • Describing the effectiveness of our security patrol units in safeguarding premises and deterring potential threats
  • Highlighting the professional markings and advanced camera/GPS systems equipped in our patrol vehicles
  • Emphasizing the benefits of cost-effective security solutions without compromising safety

 Ensuring Security Excellence: Our Highly Trained Security Officers

  • Detailing the extensive training our security officers undergo to handle various security situations
  • Highlighting their proficiency in risk assessment, emergency response, and conflict resolution
  • Demonstrating our commitment to providing well-equipped security personnel to maintain a safe environment

 Cutting-edge Technology for Advanced Security Measures

  • Exploring the advanced technology and surveillance systems we utilize to enhance security
  • Discussing the benefits of our camera/GPS systems for real-time monitoring, safety, and compliance purposes
  • Highlighting the role of technology in augmenting the effectiveness of our security services

 Customized Security Plans for Effective Protection

  • Detailing our approach to developing tailored security plans based on individual client needs
  • Discussing the importance of conducting thorough security assessments to identify vulnerabilities
  • Showcasing our ability to implement comprehensive security strategies and measures to ensure maximum protection

 Professional Security Consulting to Safeguard Your Assets

  • Highlighting our consultancy services, offering expert advice on security and risk management
  • Demonstrating our capability to assist clients in developing

Unmatched Customer Satisfaction: Why Choose Jarvis Inc?

  • Showcasing our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and satisfaction
  • Highlighting our dedication to understanding and meeting our clients’ unique security needs
  • Sharing testimonials and success stories from satisfied clients who have experienced our services firsthand
  • Emphasizing our track record of building long-term relationships and earning the trust of our clients

  Providing Top-tier Security Services in Tulsa and Beyond

  • Discussing our extensive reach and ability to serve clients not only in Tulsa but also in surrounding areas
  • Highlighting our presence as a trusted security provider in Oklahoma City and other locations within the state
  • Demonstrating our capacity to handle security requirements for businesses, organizations, and individuals of any size

When it comes to private security services in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Jarvis Inc stands out as a trusted and reliable choice. With our licensed and extensively trained security guards, cutting-edge technology, and customized security solutions, we are committed to safeguarding your assets and providing a secure environment. Whether you require armed or unarmed security, patrol services, or professional security consulting, our experienced team is equipped to meet your specific needs. Contact Jarvis Inc today to experience top-tier security services and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your safety is in capable hands.

Remember, for all your security needs in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Jarvis Inc is the name you can trust!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Private Security Services in Tulsa

What makes Jarvis Inc the leading security service provider in Tulsa?

Jarvis Inc has earned its reputation as the leading security service provider in Tulsa through decades of experience, a team of highly trained security guards, and a commitment to exceptional customer service. Our comprehensive security solutions, tailored to individual client needs, set us apart from the competition.

Are your security guards licensed and regulated in Oklahoma? 

Absolutely. All of our security guards are licensed and regulated by the State of Oklahoma, Council on Law Enforcement, Education, and Training. This ensures that our guards meet the highest standards of professionalism and adhere to the state’s stringent requirements.

What type of training do your security officers undergo? 

: Our security officers undergo comprehensive training that includes continued education and site requirement training. They are equipped with the necessary skills in risk assessment, emergency response, conflict resolution, and customer service. We ensure our officers are well-prepared to handle a variety of security situations.

 Do you provide armed security guards in Tulsa? 

Yes, we offer armed security guard services in Tulsa. Our armed security guards are highly trained and possess the necessary certifications and permits to carry firearms. They provide an added layer of protection for high-risk environments or situations that require enhanced security measures.

Can you explain the benefits of security patrol services?

Security patrol services offer several benefits. Our patrol units provide a visible deterrent, minimizing the risk of criminal activity and unauthorized access to your premises. They conduct regular patrols, respond to incidents promptly, and ensure the safety and security of your property. Our professionally marked patrol vehicles equipped with camera/GPS systems enhance safety measures and promote compliance.

 What industries do you cater to with your security services? 

Jarvis Inc caters to a wide range of industries and sectors. We serve businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, residential complexes, event venues, and more. Our security services are adaptable and customizable to meet the unique security needs of different industries.

 Can you provide security consulting services for my business?

Absolutely. Our experienced security consultants offer professional security consulting services to businesses of all sizes. We can assess your security needs, identify vulnerabilities, and develop tailored security plans to mitigate risks. Our expertise in security strategies and risk management can help enhance the overall security posture of your business.

 How can I get in touch with Jarvis Inc for security services in Tulsa?

To get in touch with Jarvis Inc, you can call us at 918-437-1100. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to discuss your security requirements and provide you with the necessary information. Alternatively, you can also use the contact form provided on our website to reach out to us.

Does Jarvis Inc provide security services outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma? 

Yes, in addition to serving Tulsa, we provide security services in other locations throughout Oklahoma, including Oklahoma City. Our capabilities extend beyond city boundaries, and we are equipped to meet the security needs of clients in various regions within the state.